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Topic: Minimally Invasive Dentistry

A webinar on prevention, early detection and non-invasive and/or minimally invasive treatment modalities in paediatric dentistry. A presentation by Dr. Aisha Mohamed, paediatric dentist at Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi.

Presented By: Dr. Aisha Mohamed
B.D.S 2007 University of Manchester certificate in Paediatric Dentistry 2013 U.C.L. Currently, an M.Sc student in Advanced Minimum Intervention Dentistry (AMID) at King’s College, London UK. She has interest and passion for M.I.D applied to Paediatric Dentistry.

Topic:Infant Oral Mutilation: A Public Health Issue in Kenya [Part 1]

The webinar, facilitated by Prof. Arthur Kemoli and Francis Muthama, delves into infant oral mutilation (IOM) practices as a public health concern in Kenya. The discussion particularly highlights community implication, IOM regions/communities, instruments encountered and possible effects of COVID-19. This is part 1 by Prof. Arthur Kemoli and moderated by Dr. Nicholas Gichu.

Presented By: Prof. Arthur Kemoli
Associate Professor at Department of Paediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics, University of Nairobi. He’s the editor, Edorium Journal of Dentistry, Associate Editor, BMC Oral Health Journal. Also, a member of the Board, Timothy A. DeRouen Center for Global Oral Health, University of Washington, Seattle, USA.

Topic: Infant Oral Mutilation: A Public Health Issue in Kenya [Part 2]

The webinar, facilitated by Prof. Arthur Kemoli and Francis Muthama, delves into infant oral mutilation (IOM) practices as a public health concern in Kenya. The discussion particularly highlights community implication, IOM regions/communities, instruments encountered and possible effects of COVID-19. This is part 2 by Francis Muthama and moderated by Dr. Nicholas Gichu.

Presented By: Francis Muthama
Francis is the Project Director at Kinga Africa, a non-governmental organization dedicated to promoting oral health especially among children in less privileged communities. He’s a community development specialist with focus on child protection.

Topic: Managing Mental Health for Dentists during COVID-19 Pandemic

The webinar, presented by Ms.Marianne Verrijt, looks at how dentists can manage mental health as COVID-19 pandemic rages on. The lecture particularly details how dentists can deal and cope with stress as well as to recognise sources of stress.

Presented By: Marianne Verrijt
She’s the Chair, Kenya Association of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and also doubles up as a director of Kuunganisha Training and Coaching in Netherlands and Kenya. Kuunganisha Training and Coaching trains Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioners and Master Practitioners for the private sector. The organization also tailor-makes team coaching training for corporates and NGO's, all based on Neuro-Linguistic Programming, systemic work and the Jump movement.

Topic: COVID-19 and Dentistry. The University of Washington Dental Experience

A lecture about the experiences at the University of Washington Dental School. Their experiences with COVID-19 and their return to work strategy. You’ll learn about the impact of COVID-19 on dental practices and how routine procedures will be affected. From this webinar, you will be able to get useful insights to help you manage your dentistry practice effectively in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic.

Presented By: Prof. Ana Lucia Seminario, DDS, PhD, MPH
She’s the Associate Professor- Pediatric Dentistry- School of Dentistry, University of Washington; Director, DeRouen Center for Global Oral Health and Adjunct Associate Professor, School of Public Health, University of Washington.

Topic: Dentistry As A Business In The Covid-19 Era

This KAPD Webinar, presented by Dr. Johnson Mwangi BDS, MBA, PGCOI, discusses the how COVID-19 pandemic has affected dentistry practice in Kenya and puts forward suggestions on how dentists can realign their practice to cope with the prevailing situation as the economic uncertainty deepens globally. At the end of this webinar, you will learn the basics of running a successful dental clinic and how you can reorient your dental practice to survive the COVID-19 disruption.

Presented By: Dr. Johnson Mwangi BDS, MBA, PGCOI
He’s the CEO and Lead Dental Surgeon at Tender Care Dental Nairobi. Dr Johnson Mwangi graduated with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) from the University of Nairobi in 1991. On completion of one year internship at Kenyatta National Hospital, he joined Kijabe Mission Hospital as the deputy director of dental services where he worked for 3.5 years before moving to private practice in 1996. Dr Johnson Mwangi also holds a Master in Business Administration MBA (Strategic Management) from the University of Nairobi and a Certificate in Advanced Christian Leadership from the Haggai Institute, Hawaii (USA). He also holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Oral Implantology (PGDOI) from the University of Pretoria and the University of New York. Throughout the course of his education and practice, Dr. Mwangi has attained a great deal of certifications, skill and expertise in orthodontics, implant dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, preventive dentistry and restorative dentistry.

Topic: KAPD Webinar June 2020: Oral Health: Well Mother, Well Baby

AThis KAPD Webinar discusses oral health promotion and disease prevention tools to be available for under 5-year-olds and pregnant mothers at the public MCH outlets. A trio team of high-powered medical dons from Moi University, Dr. Kibosia Caroline, Dr. Rop Diana, and Dr. Rop Zipporah J. provide compelling augments on how public MCH (Mother & Child Health) outlets can avail tools for oral health promotion to children under 5 years as well as to pregnant mothers.

Presented By: Dr. Kibosia Caroline, Dr. Rop Diana, and Dr. Rop Zipporah J.

Dr. Kibosia Caroline
Senior Lecturer at Moi University, Eldoret Kenya Consultant Paediatric Dentist Department of Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics, School of Dentistry, College of Health Sciences, Moi University, Eldoret, Kenya.

Dr. Rop Diana
Lecturer @Moi University, Eldoret Kenya Consultant Paediatric Dentist Department of Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics, School of Dentistry, College of Health Sciences, Moi University, Eldoret, Kenya.

Dr. Rop Zipporah J.
Assistant Lecturer at Moi University, Eldoret Kenya Department of Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics, School of Dentistry, College of Health Sciences, Moi University, Eldoret, Kenya

Topic: KAPD Webinar July 2020: Full Mouth Rehabilitation: Treatment Planning

This KAPD webinar lecture details the complex process of treatment planning. Presented by Prof. Osama El Shahawy, the webinar discusses various approaches to consider with regards to evidence based management, pediatric dentist preference and patient needs. At the end of this lecture, you will be able to understand the multifactorial causes of dental caries and how best to manage the presenting pediatric dental cases.

Presented By: Prof. Osama El Shahawy
Dr. Osama was graduated from the faculty of oral and dental medicine Cairo University year 1993. He had his master degree in pediatric dentistry and dental public health year 1999. He completed his Ph.D. in Pediatric dentistry from Cairo university year 2004. During this period he worked as a lecturer then associate professor and professor of pediatric dentistry in the same dental school. He has published many papers in the field of pediatric dentistry and supervised many master degree and Ph.D. thesis for postgraduate students in pediatric dentistry.

He is now the head of the Pediatric Dentistry Department, Future University in Egypt, He is the president of ESPSN (The Egyptian Society of Pediatric Dentistry and Children with Special Needs) Vice President of the Arabian Academy of Pediatric Dentistry.

Topic: KAPD Webinar July 2020: Clinically applicable Pulpotomy for the Primary Tooth

This is all you need to know about the most mysterious and failed procedure among general practitioners. The key discussions in this KAPD Webinar are medicaments used in Pulpotomy. Presented by Prof. Joby Peter, the lecture specifically tackles observational diagnosis for pulpotomy because we believe your eyes will never lie to you, radiographic and operational diagnosis for pulpotomy, the procedure for pulpotomy, and medication for pulpotomy. Also, a ditch effort to save a dying primary molar: to save or sacrifice.

Presented By: Prof. Joby Peter
The good professor is an alumnus of MCODS, Mahe University, Mangalore. He finished his post-graduate degree in pediatric and preventive dentistry from RMDC&H, Annamalai University, Chidambaram, TN. He has published several national and international articles in various journals. Further to this, he has also co-authored a book chapter in Pediatric Dentistry by Dr/Prof S.G.Damle.

In addition to his medical qualifications, Peter also holds a post graduate Diploma in criminology and forensic science. He also got certified training for Tobacco Intervention Initiative (TII) program from Nimhans, Bangalore. He is one of the coordinators and chief faculty at online dentistry, company dedicated to online and offline training of dentists. He has done over 140 free webinars since the onset of COVID-19 lockdown to support dentistry fraternity across the world with clinically oriented topics.

Topic: KAPD Webinar July 2020: Kenyan Taxation For The Dental Professional

The objective of this presentation is educate the dental professional on tax matters in a simplified way. It will focus on how taxation affects the different categories of dental professionals i.e. Employed, Associate, Locum, Consultant, Sole Proprietor, Partner or Company Director.

Presented By: Dr. Johnson Wambugu
The presentation has been prepared by Dr. Johnson Wambugu, a Family and Public Health Dentist in fulltime private practice. He has 15 years of clinical and management experience in the public, private and faith based sectors. Dr. Wambugu has a financial background having studied and completed the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Examinations and a Postgraduate Diploma in Healthcare Management.

Topic: KAPD Webinar July 2020: Filling Root Canals With Nerves-Regenerative Endodontics

Various methods and different materials have been suggested to deal with teeth having immature apices and necrotic pulp. Except of the biologically based treatment modalities in other treatment approaches root length and root dentin thickness remain unchanged and consequently such teeth are susceptible to root fracture.

The aim of Regenerative Endodontics Procedures (REPs) as a biologically based treatment is to replace the irreversibly inflamed pulp tissue with newly regenerated tissue in an attempt to stimulate root maturation (Murray et al. 2007). In this presentation the clinical consideration of REPs by emphasizing on the clinical outcome will be updated and the recent published evidence about REPs will be critically appraised.

The objective of this presentation is educate the dental professional on tax matters in a simplified way. It will focus on how taxation affects the different categories of dental professionals i.e. Employed, Associate, Locum, Consultant, Sole Proprietor, Partner or Company Director.

Presented By: Dr. Benjamin Simiyu
He is an Endodontist practicing in Kenya and East Africa. He completed his master's degree program with a specialization in Endodontics at the University of the East, Philippines (2019). He earned his BDS degree in 2010 at the University of Nairobi, Kenya. Dr. Simiyu has received numerous international awards including the 2010 David B. Scott Fellowship from the International Association of Dental Research (IADR) and the 2019 University of the East Presidential award: Certificate of Recognition for exemplary performance in interschool competitions, Manila Philippines. He continues to lecture at the University of Nairobi, School of Dental Sciences, and has published several articles in peer reviewed journals nationally and internationally. Areas of specialization: His major areas of scientific research interest include: Regenerative endodontics and vital pulp therapy, Endodontic Microsurgery, Endodontic therapy outcome and epidemiology, Endodontic materials and applications, Root canal.

Topic: KAPD Webinar July 2020: Digital Dental Photography

This training discusses the uses of photography in dentistry, the legal framework for the use of patient photographs, the basic scientific principles of exposure, the characteristics of an ideal image, the equipment needed for dental photography and the settings for intra-oral and extra-oral photography.

Presented By:Dr. Godfrey Obaigwa Maronga
BDS (UON-2009), MSc. Restorative Dentistry. (University the Western Cape, South Africa 2020) In private practice at Dental Unit Lion's First Sight Eye Hospital Loresho, Nairobi and Nakuru Dental Centre, Giddo Plaza Nakuru. Areas of interest: Minimally invasive Esthetic direct restorative dentistry Dental materials Endodontics Fixed and removable Prosthodontics Full mouth rehabilitation.

Topic: KAPD Webinar August 2020: Management of Tooth Avulsion

This CPD discusses in depth the current guidelines and management protocols of tooth avulsion in paediatric dentistry.

Presented By: Prof Nitesh Tewari
Associate Professor of Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry, Centre for Dental Education and Research, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi. Prof Tewari is an avid researcher with keen interests in the fields of Dental Traumatology, Stem Cell Research and Special Care dentistry.

Topic: KAPD Webinar August 2020: Pulpectomy: Clinical Tips and Tricks in Paediatric Dentistry

This CPD, delivered on 13th August 2020 by Dr Milind L. Shah, looks at the current trends and updates on Pulpectomy. At the end of this training, you will also learn about case presentations.

Presented By:Dr Milind L. Shah
BDS : Mahatma Gandhi Mission Dental College and Hospital, Navi Mumbai.
MDS : V.S Dental College and Hospital, Bangalore, 2014.
He has an Exclusive Pediatric dental private practice in Mumbai and Thane.
He also regularly conducts Comprehensive Clinical Paedodontics courses all over India.

Topic: KAPD Webinar August 2020: Pediatric Sleep Disordered Breathing, Tongue Ties and Oral Myofunctional Therapy

The spectrum of sleep disordered breathing consists of mouth breathing, noisy breathing and snoring. Any interruptions to the right QUALITY and QUANTITY of sleep can disturb critical processes in the brain which affects the child's growth, immunity, concentration, performance and productivity. Soft tissue dysfunction is an alteration in the muscular activity of the muscles that affects occlusion, jaw growth, swallowing, sleeping and breathing. Hence there is a need for change in the way we perceive orthodontics.

Presented By: Dr. Ankita Shah
She is a leading Pediatric and Preventive Dentist and the Director and Founder of Dentician: Pediatric Dental Care, Breathe-Sleep and Tongue Tie Center. Additionally, she is also the President of the India Airway Co-LAB Chapter initiated by AAPMD and The Breathe Institute. Some of her highest accolades are : MDS Pediatric & Preventive Dentistry, Fellowship in MFS Orthodontics from the OWI Institute, Barcelona, Spain, Specialization in Myofunctional Orthodontics presented by the Myofunctional Research Co (MRC), Australia, Attended Gold Learning Tongue Tie Symposium, Certified by Global Laser Oral Health, (GLOH), LLC to perform laser frenectomies, First Indian Ambassador of The Breathe Institute to be trained by the world renowned Dr.Soroush Zaghi,MD, Nominated for Specialist Dentist of the Year, 2019 at the Famdent Excellence in Dentistry Awards.

Topic: KAPD Webinar September 2020: Imaging Considerations For The Pediatric Dental Patient

The detrimental effects of ionizing radiation are well known and documented. This training focuses on imaging considerations for the peadiatric dental patient. Dr. Florence Opondo, the presenter in this webinar, holds that the clinician that orders or performs radiological examinations must be able to optimize diagnostic yield while minimizing radiation burden to the patient.

Presented By: Dr. Florence Opondo
Dr. Florence Opondo, BDS (Nbi), MSc. OMFR (South Africa) is a consultant of oral and maxillofacial radiology at the department of oral and maxillofacial surgery, University of Nairobi. She is an ardent maxillofacial radiologist and researcher with keen interests in safe and appropriate utilization of ionizing radiation, maxillofacial trauma imaging and applications of advanced imaging in dentistry.

Topic: KAPD Lecture Oct 2020: Recognizing Seizures, Medical Management & Dental Management

This lecture, by Dr. Puja Grover & Dr. Priya Verma, discusses the medical and dental management of patients who suffer from Epilepsy. You will learn how to recognize seizures and provide timely medical and dental management.

Presented By:Dr. Puja Grover & Dr. Priya Verma

Dr. Puja Grover
Dr. Puja Grover Kapoor is one of the renowned pediatric neurologists in the NCR area, who has attained fame as being one of the best doctors specializing in Pediatric Neurology. She is presently working as a Consultant Pediatric Neurologist at Paras Hospital, Gurgaon and is the co-founder and M.D. of CONTINUA Kids (Centre of neurotherapy in uniquely abled kids).

After her M.B.B.S., and D.N.B. in Pediatrics, she did her Fellowship in Pediatric Neurology from Mumbai. She, then, pursued a Fellowship in Electrophysiology at Case Western University in Cleveland, U.S.A.

Dr. Puja Grover Kapoor treats children with epilepsy, neuromuscular, neurodegenerative, and neurogenetic disorders, apart from treating children with autism, hyperactivity, global developmental delay, metabolic problems, cerebral palsy, and behavioral problems.

Dr. Priya Verma
Dr Priya Verma is a senior Pedodontist, having an experience of over 15 years, with excellent chair-side clinical skills, behavior management and management under sedation. Besides being masters in pediatric dentistry, she is additionally qualified as a Phd in pediatric dentistry, Certified for inhalation sedation. She is currently working as a professor in department of pedodontics and preventive dentistry in a reputed dental college.

She has always taken keen interest in academics and has authored around 23 books in dentistry. She has also actively contributed in many medical books as their co-author and contributor. She also has many international and national publications to her credit.

Besides academics, she has actively been involved in research projects. She has been awarded with best international research award by ISDR and Fellow Pierre Fauchard Academy(USA). She is also associated with editorial board of international journal of pediatric dentistry, Indian medical gazette and many more journals of repute.

Topic: KAPD Lecture Oct 2020: What Does It Take To Perform Special Care Dentistry? By Dr. Santhosh Ravindran

This lecture, by Dr. Santhosh Ravindran, discusses what it takes to perform special care dentistry. Conducted in partnership with the Federation of Special Care Dentistry, the lecture brings forth an interesting perspective of commitment, experience and education in contributing to excellent dentistry excellence.

Presented By: Dr. Santhosh Ravindran
Dr. Santosh Ravindran is a Dentist in Chembur West, Mumbai and has an experience of 23 years in this field. Dr. Santosh Ravindran practices at Dr Santosh Ravindran's Dental Clinic in Chembur West, Mumbai. He completed BDS from government dental college mumbai in 1991.

Topic: KAPD Lecture Oct 2020: Nitrous Oxide Inhalation Sedation in Dental Practice [By Dr. Srinivas Namineni]

This lecture, by Dr. Srinivas Namineni, discusses the use of nitrous oxide inhalation sedation in dental practice.

Presented By: Dr. Srinivas Namineni]
Renowned Pediatric Dentist, past president-ISPPD, member IAPD, founder President-FSCD. He is a pioneer in nitrous oxide inhalation sedation and has trained more than 2000 pediatric dentists for inhalation sedation. He has extensive experience in treating children with special care needs both under inhalation and general anesthesia.

Topic: KAPD Lecture Oct 2020: Provisions of Dental Treatment under G.A for Children With Special Health Care Needs [By Dr. Sreekanth Kumar]

This lecture, by Dr. Sreekanth Kumar discusses the provisions of dental treatment under G.A for children with special health care needs.

Presented By: Dr. Sreekanth Kumar
Dr. Sreekanth Kumar Malllineni is an Associate Professor in Paediatric Dentistry at Majmaah University. He’s also Clinic Head and Consultant Paediatric Dentist RICJ Dental Hospital. He’s an Honorary Research Associate, faculty of Dentisty, University of Hong Kong.

Topic: KAPD Lecture Oct 2020: Managing Patients with Cerebral Palsy in the Dental Office [By Dr. Gyanendra Kumar]

This lecture, by Dr. Gyanendra Kumar discusses how to manage patients with cerebral palsy.

Presented By: Dr. Gyanendra Kumar
Associate Professor, MAIDS, INDIA Dept of Paediatric and Preventive Dentistry Diploma in Conscious Sedation (USA) Diploma in Lasers (NZ) Founder Sec-SAAPD, IAPD Member.

Topic: KAPD Lecture Oct 2020: Management of Crowding in Mixed Dentition [By Dr. David Omutimba]

This lecture, by Dr. David Omutimba discusses how to manage crowding in mixed dentition.

Presented By: Dr. David Omutimba
BDS University of Nairobi MPH Moi University MSD (Orthodontics) Suez Canal University-Egypt Lecturer, Department of Paediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics School of Dentistry,Moi University, Eldoret. Orthodontist, Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital, Eldoret. Member Kenya Dental Association and the International Association of Paediatric Dentists.