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Interceptive Orthodontics in Children

Rapid maxillary expansion and slow maxillary expansion appliances... Read More »

Silver Diamine Fluoride: A New Tool for Use In Caries Management

In September 2017, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) published... Read More »

Midazolam Proves Top Choice For Paediatric Dentists

Due to the high anxiety children feel when they visit the dentist... Read More »

Parents, Do You Know At What Age Should Your Child Have The First Dental Check Up?

According to a new poll, lack of guidance for parents may delay.... Read More »

Scientists find protein that regulates skin cancer spread

Author | Comments

Scientists have pinpointed a cancer protein which controls the disease's spread from ...

Inside Kenya’s ambitious plan to build human milk banks

Author | Comments

You have heard of commercial banks, and mobile banks, or even blood banks; now...

Painless patch could replace flu jab: study

Author | Comments

Vaccines delivered via a painless, throw-away patch could one day eliminate the...