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An Association of Paediatric Dentists in Kenya

KAPD is the premier association of Paediatric Dentists in Kenya whose aim is to promote excellence in oral healthcare in the country. Joining the association guarantees members assorted benefits that will not only impact careers but also the society at large. KAPD offers access to continuous medical training both offline & online, access to medical research insights, references, publications, policy engagement opportunities, latest medical news & events, career opportunities, and medical directories. Membership is Ksh.5000 for practicing Paediatric Dentists as well as General Dentists while Ksh.4000 for Postgraduate Students in Paediatric Dentistry.

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As the representative of Kenya´s Paediatric Dentists, we advocate for the well-being of members and the oral health of Kenyans and provide leadership for an accessible, sustainable, high quality healthcare system.


We unite Paediatric Dentists on fundamental tenets important to the medical profession. We continuously pursue the highest professional standards in the practice of Paediatric Dentistry.


We are honest in all our activities; representing our members and conducting our business. Our activities are always transparent and we put the interests our members first.


The Association takes care of members´ interests ensuring that you get the best value of your membership fees.
We have comprehensive programs that will meet your needs.

Paediatric Dentists

See how Paediatric Dentists benefit from joining KAPD, including access to online training, medical insights, the latest news and events on medical technology and practice management advice.


Explore resident benefits when joining KAPD, including career planning guidance, tools for licensing exams and advice on insurance options.


Discover how medical students benefit from joining KAPD, including help in choosing a specialty or residency program and discounts on test prep materials.


Learn how joining the KAPD can benefit you as an academic Paediatric Dentist, including access to online courses, research, and policy engagement opportunities.


Join as a group to get exclusive customized benefits for everyone within your organization.


Towards Excellence in Paediatric Dentistry